Our successs

Where was SARAH when ISAAC got married?…. Inside the grave .
Where was REBECCA when JACOB his favourite son returned as a wealthy man? She was long dead.
Where was RACHEAL when JOSEPH became the Prime minister? She had already died.
Where were the parents of ESTHER when she became the firstlady…hmmm…Alrady dead.
Where was JONATHAN when DAVID his covenant friend became king?  He had been killed.

I BOW my kneel before the living GOD of ISRAEL, I DECREE and DECLARE, that you will not die before your time of honour and rewards. You will not labor in vain over your children and loved ones. The mother of SOLOMON was alive when SOLOMON became the king. And we can and do say “my God, another person will not reap the HARVEST of my labor nor replace me in the day of my HONOR and GLORY in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen!!!

Isaiah 54:14. May the Lord God Almighty in righteousness establish you; and never cause fear, terror, afflictions, sickness, and oppression to come near your territory, and that of every member of your household in Jesus’

name. Amen!!!

Beloved, welcome to a wonderful day and blessed working week with songs of Victory of Hallelujah in Christ Jesus. Amen!!!