I have been moved in this ‘season’ of COVID…


We are here at this time (in this season) for a reason. Verses have been placed on my heart continually…

Most importantly, let us pray!

Father LORD, Your Essence sent us all – each and every one of us to be here in this ‘season’ for a reason. We have read, heard of the story’s of life here on Earth in the past. We are under Your Wing of protection and grace, Hallelujah! Glory to You ALONE Father. Use us as You Will – Your Will be done in our lives we pray.

Yet not as I will, but as You will…. may your will be done.” (Matthew 26:39,42)


In our lives, Your Will be done, Amen.


We plead the blood of Jesus on each person on this share, LORD You Word says we AND our household shall be saved, Hallelujah!

We claim this and decree this establishing it in Heavenly places. Whet and wet us LORD with Your blessings. Flow through us we ask in The Name of Jesus, Amen.


Y’all IF and when we agree, we can bring things to pass.

I have been quiet about this. A few days ago, it came to my thoughts: Again, truly I tell you that if any two of us here on Earth agree about ANYTHING they ask for, it WILL be done for them by The Father in Heaven. Matthew 18:19

It keeps coming to me! There is a reason I was allowed to return in this ‘season’. In faith, let us fast and pray this DONE in Jesus’ name!!!

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