We are redeemed; made whole with/by The blood of Jesus, Amen.


When Jesus died, He washed away the stain of sin from our lives. He justified us- making us right before God, even though we do not deserve it. This is the good news of grace. But God’s grace is always accompanied by mercy, which keeps us from what we do deserve. We deserve punishment, but Jesus took it in our place. The same spilled blood that delivered grace to us also delivers mercy, Amen.

And we pray:

Father, on my own I can only stand before You sinful, stained, and condemned, deserving of Your wrath. Thank You for sending Jesus to take my place, receiving the wrath that I deserved while also has provided me a righteousness that I could never earn. Help me to live according to Your grace AND mercy so that others may know You, too. In Jesus’ Name, Ame


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