God Shall Give His angel’s charge over you…

We are covered, Amen. Glory to God in The HIGHEST!!!

Break it down…

We serve a God Who is ALL – The Beginning, NOW – glory! and for always, Alleluia.

With God there is no time, God Created time!

How do we measure time? The ticks on a clock? 🤔 In this digitalized day, believe it or not many have not heard the tick of a clock! “What’s that Dad/Mom/Uncle/Aunty? A ‘Tick’? Those little ‘bugs’ that are on a dog? ‘Tic’ as in the game Tic-Tac-Toe? He’s kidding right?”

Might sound ‘unreal’ to you, but it will be fact. A rotary phone? We used it! Phone lines? Where does the word “lines” come from? Sitting in the closet and ‘taking’ your call? Simply “follow the line/cord and you will find him/her and the phone!

Movies? Wow! Where do I start? https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/lists/100-best-films-ever-hollywood-favorites-818512


We used to go to the movies when they came on a reel! Remember that? Old fogies 😊

Hold up! Home movies on an 8 reel, watching slides? Chil’ even in school there were slides for teaching…wow! I age myself! So, we hyper jumped to DVD’s – Now, a waste of space! Music – Juke boxes, 8 tracks, LP’s. SLP’s – record players, Audio Tapes – boom boxes! Remember Sony Walkman? 31+ years ago, the Walkman revolutionized the portability of music.


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