What does Paul mean to mind not high things? It cannot mean to avoid the high, deep doctrines of God which Paul himself often teaches. He says that we should condescend to men of low estate. He seems to mean that we should not talk over people’s heads, be focused always on things that onlyContinue reading “Humility.”

What can we take from the story of Hagar?

Who was Hagar? Remember Sarai had purchased a slave in Egypt. Sarah, aged had not borne a child. She for reasons of hierarchy, gave her handmade to Abraham. Lesson: with Man, there are impossibilities; with God ALL is possible!! God never changes! Through Hagar in the Bible, we learn that God sees us,Continue reading “What can we take from the story of Hagar?”

And I pray…

The most amazing thing is that when I am in tune with my Creator, the words I pray are Known before I pray them. Yes! Ask and you shall recieve. Do not stand around and wait. Pray and wait, rejoice and wait, fast and wait. Jesus waited when He was directed! We at times feelContinue reading “And I pray…”

We are ONE, Amen.

Seek out other believers, for they help rest our spirits and bring us closer to our Lord God. The Church is obviously one such place, but even at social gatherings, concerts or parties, finding others with whom to share His name is something which will give us even greater occasion to rejoice. To see theContinue reading “We are ONE, Amen.”

Why do I?

6 Beautiful Lessons from the Life of Rachel in the Bible

Betty Dunn| Contributing Writer202112 Oct Rachel, the lovely wife of Jacob, furthered the lineage of God’s people and lived to see some of God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob realized. Rachel in the Bible is a quiet character who occasionally speaks her mind and sometimes acts with questionable integrity.null Rachel’s beauty overwhelms Jacob when he arrives atContinue reading “6 Beautiful Lessons from the Life of Rachel in the Bible”

Words, actions, personality. Yours?

Be ONE, Amen.

The Church of God, and each local church in particular, are made up of a diverse group of believers whom God has gifted with different natural talents and spiritual gifts. And he has called different members of this one great Body to different ministries, but all should be done in submission the Head of theContinue reading “Be ONE, Amen.”

I claim and celebrate…

The LORD has opened the gates of blessings, Amen. I am drenched with blessings, Hallelujah!!!

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