Advent is an ancient celebration designed to help prepare the heart for the anniversary of Jesus’ birth. German worshippers introduced the advent wreath in the 16th century. Each of the four candles on the Advent wreath symbolizes a special meaning. The first candle is the candle of hope while the other three symbolize love, joyContinue reading “Advent?”

Provision… We may worry about what we will eat, but God has given us life, and we fail to thank The LORD for it. We may worry about what we will wear, but God has given us a healthy body, and we do not think to thank Him for it. We should not overlook theContinue reading “Provision…”

Why do we say “I love you”?

We love because God first Loved us. In The likeness of Love we are made! What is Love? Tricky question! Define ‘God’? Hmm 🤔 “No record of wrongs”? You mean once I am forgiven, it’s all good? And we stand to know more! “Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceiveContinue reading “Why do we say “I love you”?”

Will we sleep in Heaven?

There is no question that our physical bodies need sleep in order to function properly on the earth. God created our bodies to need the sleep-wake cycle for optimum health, matching the natural rhythms of day and night. But what happens when we leave this earth? Will our bodies need sleep once we are inContinue reading “Will we sleep in Heaven?”

And we live for always because…

God Loved us so much, when we were still sinners, that He decided to give up His Son so that we could be saved. Jesus Christ endured all the pain and the suffering, so that we could be redeemed from our sins. Jesus had every single person, past, present and future, in mind when HeContinue reading “And we live for always because…”