Your Presence LORD. Beyond AWESOME, Amen.

The company that we keep can greatly impact our joy and peace. We could have the greatest comforts and luxuries, but if we’re surrounded by evil and mistreatment, we’d still be miserable. By contrast, menial work and poverty cannot rob us of our joy when we are in the presence of The Lord. Just beingContinue reading “Your Presence LORD. Beyond AWESOME, Amen.”




How does death change your perspective? There is a gross misinterpretation of ‘death’. noun Very simply; we exist in our bodies. Existence once created cannot and will not be stopped. It is profound that angels and demons exist. There is no putting an ‘end’ to their existence! The very same angels that existed before theContinue reading “Profoundly…”

Amen in The name of Jesus.

Our labor in Christ is not in vain, Hallelujah!!!

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.        Stand firm, let nothing move you and don’t give up. Keep doing the work (your ministry) and all the goodContinue reading “Our labor in Christ is not in vain, Hallelujah!!!”

Hallelujah glory!!!

God of First and the end, Hallelujah!!! God of new beginnings, ALL glory to Your Essence, Amen. Everlasting Father! Accept my worship, O God, my Father in Heaven, I glorify You in Jesus’ name. Thank God’s AWESOMENESS from Whom ALL blessings flow, I am thankful to God in Jesus’ name. We are blessed with God’sContinue reading “Hallelujah glory!!!”

Having lived the results of a lie from another. Pain is laid bare! The LORD is my Shepherd, my Provider, my ALL, Amen.

Lord, I wait on You in prayer and thanksgiving. All things happen for a reason. My faith is in You, Amen. ALL things work together for good in the lives of those who Love You, Father. Open the floodgates of Heaven and rain on me. I pray and ask I. The name of Jesus, Amen.Continue reading “Having lived the results of a lie from another. Pain is laid bare! The LORD is my Shepherd, my Provider, my ALL, Amen.”


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