Walk wisely…

It’s a funny thing about the wrong path. It’s wide open and completely crowded. Full of other folks make bad choices, plenty of space for a lot of people, not too hard to get down. Kind of like a four-lane highway. Plenty of open roads. The right path, however, is a different story. It’s narrow,Continue reading “Walk wisely…”

Clean YOUR window before you look out…

There is a story of a young girl who watched her mother peer out of her window at the neighbor’s laundry hanging on line. “Humphh!” said the mother. “Look at her laundry. Who would hang such dirty laundry out there for everyone to see? She should be ashamed.” The young girl looked closer. She touchedContinue reading “Clean YOUR window before you look out…”

Be Willing

“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak,” Jesus said, in Matthew 26:41. Of course you’re willing to worship…we all are. Otherwise, what’s the point of being a Christian? Fire insurance? We praise and worship The Lord because we Love Him and because He Loved us first. But don’t stop there. Be willing in all of it.Continue reading “Be Willing”


A plant is only as good as its roots. If the roots are shallow, the plant will be destroyed by the first strong wind. If the roots get too wet, the plant will rot–too dry, the plant will wither. If the root isn’t getting enough nutrients, any fruit be produced will be puny and small.Continue reading “Amen.”

Desperate Prayers For Desperate Times

In these powerful daily readings, learn to be steadfast in prayer even during desperate times. Best-selling author John Eckhardt invites you to a life of prayer that consistently sees results. Have the last word over the enemy, experience joy in God’s presence, and see breakthrough in your prayer life. DAY 1: God Hears Your DesperateContinue reading “Desperate Prayers For Desperate Times”

Love The LORD, Amen.

Share The truth…

https://www.desiringgod.org/labs/bringing-back-a-wandering-believer There is a sense in which we can “convert” others to the Lord. There is also a sense in which men must “turn (convert) themselves. ” And there is a yet different, third, sense in which only God can convert men. These are not contradictory ideas when seen in the light of other Scriptures,Continue reading “Share The truth…”

Amen and Hallelujah!!!

Believe The Word, Amen.

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