🤔 So true…


Christian YouTubers who Proclaimed False Prophecies that Donald Trump Would be Re-elected


How much is TOO much?🤔

We should be as God IS with God. The “L” word springs up again! This time it focuses on what we should strive to do. ALL your heart, soul, mind and strength from and for our Source and Reason. EVERYTHING we are/do/have/possess is tied up in these. There is NO commandment greater. And we pray:Continue reading “How much is TOO much?🤔”

We are in favor, Amen.

And we pray: I pray with you; may The Lord look upon you, may God See your secret tears, may He acknowledge them and may He deliver you and grant your heart’s desires in Jesus’ name. Amen.

And we pray…

God Knows ALL, Amen.

How can The Creator Know? What is out there? When in private, I am private. https://pin.it/2wpRqnJ And we pray: Dear God, search me and know my ways. Do not allow me to hide anything from You. Whatever secret sin I am harboring, bring it to the light so that I may seek forgiveness and repent.Continue reading “God Knows ALL, Amen.”

We claim and receive this…

Beloved I pray with you, in these perilous time in the world, may The Lord shut the mouths of all your oppressors and spoilers. May God put a difference between you and evil doers, between your loved ones and all oppressors in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Whet and wet me LORD; with Your all consuming grace and power.

To sharpen by rubbing on or with something (such as a stone) whet a knife. To make keen or more acute : excite, stimulate. Whet the appetite, The LORD Who whetted the curiosity of Man. Who/What/Where is The LORD. https://av1611.com/kjbp/kjv-dictionary/whet.html

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