And we focus on The LORD, our reason, Amen..

Beloved I pray with you, every gallow that the enemy has prepared to hang you on shall be for him and his household, every ditch he has prepared to bury you in shall be for him and his household, every weapon he prepared to harm you with shall be for him and his loved onesContinue reading “And we focus on The LORD, our reason, Amen..”


The church was one of the first institutions that God created in the Old Testament. When He brought His people out of Egypt in the Book of Exodus, creating a place to worship, taking part in sacrifices and developing a faith-based community was one of the first things He did. Once God’s people finally settledContinue reading “His-Story”

Our God NEVER changes!

“And they said, ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household. ‘” This was said to a Philippian jailer who was in charge of guarding Paul and Silas as they were imprisoned. … The jailer, after hearing Paul, fell at Paul’s and Silas‘ feet and asked them what he must do to be saved.

To God be The glory!!! Giving glory to God all the time or saying glory be to God always is a sign of acknowledging our creator and giving reference to God. This is showing to God that you are grateful for life, and filled with overflowing joy that He is your Father and Creator. 1- Give Glory to God Because He Is Your Creator 2- Give Glory to GodContinue reading “To God be The glory!!!”

God placed Jesus above ALL things, Amen.

Because God is eternal He has life in and of Himself. God is the source of all life; the author of all life; the fount of life and no other creature that has been made, has life in itself – no other created being has this life; no other creation has life in itself –Continue reading “God placed Jesus above ALL things, Amen.”

Be blessed in all your ways, Amen.

Rise and shine!Testimony 1 – you are awake.Testimony 2 – you used the bathroom.Testimony 3 and onward… be blessed. God filled and blessed moments in your life in all your ways. God’s Will be done in your life, Amen.We give praise to The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.In Jesus’ name we are called and filled.MayContinue reading “Be blessed in all your ways, Amen.”

It IS nonending, Amen. In this hymn of praise, the writer extols the glory of God. He desires nothing else on this earth and proclaims God as the strength of his heart. We should see God in the same way. Nothing is greater on this earth. He is all I need, all I will ever need. Like theContinue reading “It IS nonending, Amen.”

To God be The glory, Amen.

If I say that we are meant to be on top. Do I sound silly? I am well aware that many of us walk in ignorance. It’s a fact that we are entitled to so much!“Make me your focal point as you move through this day. Just as a spinning ballerina must keep returning herContinue reading “To God be The glory, Amen.”

As for me and my household, we shall serve The LORD, Amen. The Word is ONE, Amen.

Our Church, as pillars within our communities, should be treasured as our house of truth, as a beacon out by the sea guiding all those who wish to be saved to land; those who mocked Noah or worshiped false idols such as the Amorites, willfully blind and deliberately deaf to the words of their trueContinue reading “As for me and my household, we shall serve The LORD, Amen. The Word is ONE, Amen.”

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