Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Hey! I should really do that this way! If I do…”

“Time and time again, this has worked…so I should definitely…”

“The ‘answer’ is by doing it exactly like…”

So many times, we are smarter than the situation. Brighter than the ‘occurences’. We can…we try…we think; just what exactly? As a Christian, did you pray about it first? Did you put it before The LORD? It is amazing that our galaxy is so vast, we essentially have only started to peel at the surface. Spaceships, space trav5el, technology….the list goes on and on.

Let me point something out. We are right here. As we have shared Earth is the ‘right’ distance from the sun! There is oxygen which is essential for life. If you ‘think’ about it even the moon lacks oxygen and that is the closet ‘distant’ planet or object. To further break this down, everything is on an axes. Planets, stars etc.

Where did oxygen come from? I am sure that ‘evolutionists’ will fathom some unthinkable equation or guess, at best an estimation. So, why doesn’t any other planet have what we have?

I am sure that ‘

evolutionists’ will say “Everything lined up perfectly.” Really?

Let us take a look at what we call God’s book. I didn’t make that up. We have the Bible which essentially gives us a vision into how things came to be. So many times, I am limited by my ‘view’ of life from this aspect: space, time, what we have, don’t have, want, need, hope for. Essentially, ‘life’ in a nutshell. I will be so brazen to say “After ‘life’ then what???”  Once again the evolutionists ‘reign supreme’ on this notion. ‘Recycling’ they might call it. Let me state one thing… If we were recycled, wouldn’t there be more than a few ‘recallecting’ their ‘former’ lives? I will not doubt that there are a few who state that they can ‘remember’. Let me state it this way. There is an alternate existence, a parallel ‘place’, inhabited by a ‘drove’ of creations. Don’t you have your drive? What you were created for? Sometimes we think/feel it is to bring ‘joy’ to parents. Come again! How about the ‘unwanted offspring’, the mistakes, the ‘uh-oh’s’? They were allowed to be for a reason. To state something that becomes more factual by the day, my existence is/was for a reason. I went to school, did Medicine; became a Doctor etc. I tried to do everything I could to be ‘happy’, ‘satisfied’, ‘complete’. To do what I promised not to do; I was ‘made’ to go to church by my Mom. There I learned so much ‘against’ my ‘better judgement’. The fact that there is Love, a source of Love. The definition of Love, is Love; God is Love.

Let us 1 Corinthians 13 it and see what exactly this means: Love is patient; let us go back in history of the world, there are so many people who have tried things. God gives them a chance to do them ‘right’ through Him and with Him. So many times we are on the wrong foot. God is PATIENT and allowscuscto find the way that has been pointed out. Let us further break this down. Examples! Just what to do, not do, try, not try. Others in our short history have tried that. It has either worked or doesn’t work. In reading the bible, I came across many ‘rulers’ after king David who did not do things right, and they did rule for a whilem. God was and is patient; giving endless opportunity to come to the knowledge which is God. This explains why it is the first description of God. Through His-story, patience has reigned supreme.

Love is kind; just what does this mean? Kind? To establish this kindness as defined means “allowing others to have their way”, It means “giving selflessly”. There are so many times in history that we (as humans) have gone the way we ‘willed’ and wanted to; and were allowed. At this time, I will give two HUGE examples Lucifer in all his beauty and grace was placed at the epicenter of God’s creations. He was given exemplary ‘allowance’ to do as he willed. Above all other Spirits but God. This got to him and he fell. Thinking that what was granted him could be factual. He thought he would take. All we need do is read the denoted scripture and realize just what happened. Lucifer was and is a “prince” of this world. Mind you, Christ is King. He earned the Title, by being tortured, mangled and killed by the ‘men’ led by the prince of this world.

Let us further examine this. Jesus is a part of God. In creating the world, God created and saw that it was good. He created more and more and saw that it was good. Now, timelines, we cannot be sure of. But in Heaven, the fall of Lucifer the archangel at the time came before the creation of man. How do I know? In the Garden, Lucifer influenced what was. We have discussed this prior. Did serpents speak? Or was it just by seducing, by eating the fruit of the tree of ‘ good and evil’? We are not sure, but the serpent was the most ‘wily’ of all the creatures and had been used to ‘tempt’ man (Eve) by what he did. In essence, the fruit ‘spoke’ to Eve and looked ‘tempting’ enough to try knowing “good from evil”. This in itself should give us ‘knowlege’, we know what we should and should not do, no? So in essence the effect of the fruit of the tree is still with us today. More so, God in His exquisite awesomeness, would leave Adam and Eve to ‘tend’ the garden and return to ‘fellowship’ with them in the cool of the evening. This brings so many things to light. God did and does give us a chance to decide just what we shall do.

In both Adam and Eve’s case He allowed them to decide (wrongly though) that the would eat of the fruit of the tree of good and evil. Let me point an amazing thing out; who was there that they covered their nakedness? With one other person there, there was nothing to be ashamed of. Let us further break this down. Animals who had seen them all their existence in the nude? We can thing about animals today. With no other people, who would they have been ashamed to be naked in front of? This goes to explain in part why it was called the tree of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

But, more so it definitely explains why The Father allows us to do what we will. With the hope that we do right.

Love does not envy, if someone has. Be proud for and of them. So many times we gain and a set of eyes (or more) are on us, determining how they can get what we have gotten. Other peoples experience is a great lesson. Reather than envy, we should ask humbly and work at it so that we can have. More so it is the fact that God, who made the Universe, in His goodness allowed Man to have wisdom does not ever envy. But rather is proud of with trust in Him and His ability to provide. Yes, an example; God was proud of His creation Job and spoke of him with glowing words. So much so, that Lucifer who was at the gathering of angels asked if it wasn’t for the wall around Job that God had set in place that didn’t cause Job to serve the Lord uniquely. It was ‘suggested’ that God remove His ‘fence’ from around him and see Job fall. All God asked was that his life Be spared, and everything was taken. Including his health. But still Job held on to The LORD and His promises. A true ‘child of God’. Are we? When things ‘do not go ‘right’ are we encouraged to ‘hold on’, to ‘believe’, to ‘have faith’. Most amazingly, we have all seen good and know just what it entails. Haven’t we had a ‘ good meal ‘, an awesome snack, snooze, or trip to a destination? Well. We get the idea, and this is made possible by the grace of God. We cannot understand ‘goodness’ until we have experienced it. Essentially, this is what some of us experience when we admit how ‘awesome’ life is.

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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