A Complaining Spirit Displeases God

152026853794612526527241555105744.jpgAmazing, I read about Moses one year after they left Egypt and the people complained of no meat. The LORD sent quail and they gorged, The LORD was not pleased and struck many down. Moses called upon The LORD to take some of the burden off his shoulders. The elders were selected, and the responsibilities divided. This was a time Moses asked to go ‘home’! The LORD was with him and kept him. The burdens of leadership and dealing with immature sinful people were weighing him down in the spirit. For that reason others were appointed to help share the heavy spiritual load. I feel this is why he made that request but God’s timing is always best—so, request denied at that time.
1. God’s time is THE time.
2. Better to serve Him in ALL circumstances for He blesses if and when we follow His will and directions.
3. Best to be patient in Him, faithing that all will be awesome. We are a people of God, His promises are ours for the asking and faithing.
The people were in the wilderness, The LORD went before them, leading, guiding and giving them rest. Yet they dared complain. We are in a similar state, each day we awake after a night’s sleep. We are blessed to be. Turn to The LORD Who provides ALL your needs according to HIS riches in GLORY! Endless Glory! The quail that flew over the camp were 3 feet off the ground, so many lessons.
A) Taste and see that The LORD is good.
B) Wait patiently and be at peace. Yes! Ask and it shall be given.
C) It says “and The LORD remembered the people…” He forgets NOTHING! Here we are 100’s of THOUSANDS of years since the flood. We read and remember what we read, yet HE does and we think HE does not remember? A thousand years is but a day in His sight, Methuselah did not live but a day in His sight. Yet, we dare ‘complain?’ We are blessed to be in the family of believers. Before we were born, God knew just what He would use us for. Everything if we truly look, is connected: intelligence, passion, our jobs. Knowing Him is not by chance. It is by blessing. An ungrateful lot we must be! Give Him thanks in ALL! We have been directed.
Numbers chapters 9-11
And it spills over into Mark 5:1-20
Things may seem one way. We must remember that we live in a world thinly veiled from the things to come. A marked blessing to peer beyond, but much is required. Paul saw The LORD and look what his life became! So many people in The Word, blessed- a Christian life is not easy, but we are led to continue as He leads. We do not ‘store up’ here, but invour final ‘home’ in Heaven there is no rust, rot and nor decay, no such thing exists there! What shines on day 1 will shine a million years later. The amazing thing is that there is NO time. Just as here, we sweep dirt away. Think! If the streets are lined with gold! Amazing, but if we tread upon it, it soon becomes boring, No! Sand is awesome lying on the beach, playing volleyball. Dirt in making mud-cakes, sliding home in a game of baseball. But, each has its time and place.

It strikes me, when there is NO time, what remains unique is fitting. Thus, we shall eat from the trees of plenty. NO hunger, just a desire to be blessed. Many times, even those who peek beyond are a little sparse on details. I am moved to share. Each will have a task that is set be your strengths. Remember, time does not exist. For some, what might seem like a busy minute, might here on Earth actually is time inexplicably gone by. Difficult to ‘come back’ and explain. The book of Revelations so much time we ‘know’ a brief, busy ‘short’ period for those who experience it.
We stand in a position to receive as we believe. The Word States this in so many ways:




It stands as a testimony that rather than spending time writing, we can refer to locations stating what we share. That way you can browse for yourselves. Be blessed, seek Him and may you be met at each point of your need in Jesus’ name, Amen

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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