Our Future Forecast From The Book Of Psalms


We started off and have come to the end of this living and active Psalm which states the way things are and will be as we place God first in our going out and coming in, Amen.

And we pray, knowing that “Surely awesome goodness and outstanding mercy with overwhelming grace shall cloak and clothe, encircling and encompassing us all the days of our lives and existence: for we will dwell in The House of The LORD for ever,” Amen.
Psalm 23:6

Let this sit tight in your Spirit. It is and shall always be, for what has been said and spoken into existence by our Father is, was, and shall be for always, we know this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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