And we pray…

Sistren and Brethren
God filled season, Amen
We pray in no other but The name of Jesus!

Much as we share, we share in respect to Seasons. Why?
Change in all: Temperature, Weather, Color even Feelings.

I will ask; IF you could choose, what season would you rather be ‘stuck’ in? There is something for everyone in each Season…
Winter: Skiers, Snowboarders, Snowmobiles, Snowmen/women, igloos, ice fishing…we could go on!
Spring: Promises! New shoots, flowers blooming, a time of planting, beauty, calm after the storms of the ‘Season’ before (that some people love BTW)
Summer: Need I say more? No allergies, warmth, sunshine, flowers, crop, harvests…a season of plenty, Amen
Admittedly, some may not like the rain, but as stated earlier there is a Season for ALL!
Fall: What is there not to love? The ‘end’ of summer? But, how about the apples, pumpkins, second corn harvest, changing colors, ‘tolerable’ weather, a season to give thanks!
So, there is a Season for all. IF, you could “choose” your SEASON, what would it be?

And, you CAN be there! ALL our needs are provided for! When and IF we ask, we receive…This explains “Faith” and “faithing” it! What we DO NOT see is searched for in the spirit AND found. Locked doors are knocked continually (I will repeat: CONTINUALLY!) and they are thrown open!

Do you want to get in? Git! Jus’ sayin’
BUT ‘git’ in Jesus’ name, your promise of peace, abundance, success, fulfillment and blessing. Some may think of blessings as ‘material’ possession. These are temporal things, what lasts for all ways?

Eternity is difficult to grasp. Have you ever spoken (very hard to do I realize) spoken to someone who experienced a coma?
If so, ask them “How long?” In a coma, there is no time! We experience day/night, our concept of ‘time’. IF you do not experience all in ‘life’; schedules, shifts, ‘seasons’ – time has NO meaning!

We have discussed this a myriad of times in the past. What is then?
For some reason as a Medical Professional I had an ‘understanding’of physiologic occurences. Spiritual? Much less so!

I will simply ask: who, what, where are YOU? Yes in answer: I am a ‘profession’, a human, a male/female…. This is easy!
I am sitting, standing, lying down… getting bored!
Where??? Duh! I just told you!

Just what I thought. Let me throw in a tidbit! When you say “I”, it is not the ‘physical’ you! IF handicapped, you are still “I”! You have a brain; a consciousness, a self! What is that self?

We get complex, that self is in your body! “This ‘dude’ is out there!” You say.

But, I am making a point. You are ‘you’ in your mind! You, never sleeps! Yes, you may not have dreams but your hours of rest are essential so that your body can function ‘correctly’ or optimally.

This takes me to attempts to ‘break’ people! We can reason or have read what is done in extreme situations! Prisons, jails, camps…
What is done to ‘break’ a person? Things done to the ‘body’. This is an external – the body! So what are they trying to get to? All of a sudden it light a flicker. So, ‘me is within, I is Who, What is in me!” Again, complex.

Give it time; read, study, give it time.

God bless you ss you are up today,
May the day bring to you Good News, Amen.
The oil of grace upon your life will never run dry, Amen IJN.
God will make everything work well in your favor,
Many shall find life, peace, joy and fulfillment through you – being blessed makes us a light.
God will surprise you and give you the best of Happiness IJN, Amen.
Just Like the Eagle, You will fly high in and with grace, Amen.
Like Gold, You will be Valued.
Like the Sun, You shall shine bright.
Like the river, You shall flow limitless, IJN, Amen.
Like the Palm Tree, You shall Flourish in new ground,
And Like Money, You shall be Useful, in your value – Amen.
Peace and prosperity shall be your portion.
You are blessed and highly favored.
Today and beyond, Your joy and that of your Loved/loved ones shall multiply greatly, Amen.
Have a destiny fulfilling day, in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen


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