Day of ‘fasting’, why?

Made it Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…. Next?


You have made it thus far, ALL glory to God!
God has sustained you thus far…thanksgiving? A day of praise it is, still further to go…thank God!
Give God thanks in ALL things! Amen.

The week thus far, the remainder of the week. You are blessed! You woke up Sunday, Monday, Tuesday….God never changes, Amen.

We grow rooted in God through Jesus our Savior, Amen.

Are you growing? In Faith?
What are your testimonies thus far? Ready for more? Reach out and possess in Jesus’ name, Amen

Are you excited about your life? Or do you feel as if you are merely existing?
Are you moving with confidence toward a desired goal? Or do you feel as if you are drifting along from day to day without any sense of purpose or direction?
Perhaps there was a time when you were excited about your life, but now the excitement has faded, and you are asking, What has happened to me? Why am I so apathetic about my life? What happened to my inner drive?
People have said to me, “When I look at my life and the way the world is today, I just don’t see much to be excited about.”
Some think about their vocation or job and say, “I can’t go any higher, do any better, or go any farther. I can’t do more than I’m doing right now.”
Others feel as if their lives have gone stale. Perhaps their marriage isn’t as dynamic as it once was, or they have lost all interest in hobbies and activities that once gave them pleasure.

In fact, growing closer to the Lord is the most important thing in your life.
More important than reaching your dreams or even fulfilling your calling. Everything you do in life flows from everything you are in Christ.
The Bible clearly distinguishes between those who are spiritually mature and immature. The Bible is full of examples of the immaturity of believers that came to Christ throughout the known world. Paul and the other Apostles wrote to them in letters that make up our New Testament, and address some major failures, flaws, and struggles. Reading about some of these actually give us hope for our own lives today!


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