Tips For Dealing With Your Detractors

Never return hate with hate. Rise above your haters! Don’t let evil, spiteful, negative, demon-controlled people pull you down to their level, for they are walking a path towards Hell and don’t go along for the ride! 

1.  Don’t let that in-law, coworker, relative, neighbor, racist, bigot, or jealous person that speaks ill of you, or attempts to destroy you, your marriage, your relationship, your family or prays evil thoughts, or performs or participates in ungodly, wicked, ritualistic actions meant to harm or hurt you, disrupt your witness or nature! When dealing with such beings, this is the time to REV UP the God in you and speak The Word back to that demon! Pray for their souls. Show them, God’s Agape Love!  The Love that passeth ALL understanding! The Love Christ displayed on The Cross! The Love Jesus found when He used His last breath to utter His 7 Last Words on The Cross begging God to Forgive His killers. Reach down deep into your faith and put that type of Love on display for your detractors. 

2.  When they see you, they will not confront you face-to-face, these demon-controlled humans will avoid you or places they know you will be, they will flee from you and turn away, but greet them still. HUG them and let them know that you are PRAYING for their very soul! If it is someone in your family circle approach them and speak Love to them, shower them with words of kindness and God’s Love calling out the name of Jesus when you speak to them, for at the utterance of the name of Jesus demons run. Lay hands on them and have the elders of the church or your pastor pray for them, especially if they are someone who is in your family or soon to become a part of your family. 

3.  Never let that person steal your joy or disrupt your ministry or the destiny God has laid before you! On your Christian journey you will encounter stumbling blocks that come in many forms—people, finances, jobs, joy-stealers, etc.—but they do not define you, your ministry or halt what or how God is going to use or bless you! Instead, they become a part of your testimony! Your personal witness to unbelievers, backsliders, or immature Christians on how God made a way out of what in the physical realm appeared to be no way! How God opened up doors or peoples hearts towards you as a result of your faith and prayers! 

4. We are called to pray for those who hate or dislike us and you must keep them in prayer.  However, do not obsess over them, or pleasing them, or getting them to Love or like you. NO!! That is NOT your job!  Turn them over to Our Father and let HIM do the rest. Sometimes, with some people’s nature or spirit — remember that every ‘spirit ‘ is NOT of God, hence those people who have demons attached to them, profess themselves to be pastors, teachers, ministers, elders, or Christian believers that behave in unChristian ways towards you — all you may experience or arrive at with them is politeness and respectful behaviors when in the same space or that they gossip less or to a diminishing number of people about you. For these people only time will cease their negativity one way or another. 

As believing and demonstrative Christians our  directions are clear on how we MUST treat these people!  Remember Jesus’ Seven Last Words and pray for God to move on their hearts!

Amen 🙏🏽 


Published by Fellowship of Praise

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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