Refresh Me, Oh Lord!

As you enter into this new month of April, guard your tongue, temper your words, remember you are an Ambassador of the Gospel, so search your soul before you speak and be mindful of your promises to God and how you walk daily. 

Will your words and actions honor God? Be in line with The Word? Destroy your witness? Break your vows or promises? Hurt those you love/Love? Remember God sees, hears and knows what is truly inside your heart. Don’t step sideways, for God’s path is straight, not crooked. When tempted…be like Joseph and RUN and PRAY. For the evil one is crafty and uses those around you or preys on your known weaknesses to devour, destroy or kill you!

Complete the good works Our Lord and Savior Jesus The Christ has started in you! 

Don’t be persuaded by the world like a double-minded man who wanders to and fro, going between their past and present or saved and unsaved existence. Such a person lives without purpose or true direction and pursues momentary gratification which can set back or ruin their witness before God, new converts and other Christians.

For no man knows the day nor the hour of His return for His flock. Be vigilant, watchful and let your words, actions and lifestyle be in accordance with The Word of God beginning afresh this month and into eternity. 


Published by Fellowship of Praise

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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