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A diatribe:

A most amazing fact is IF people are ‘pronounced’ as in “NO life”, “deceased”, “unrecoverable’ and by an AMAZING, unknown Reason survive and return to ‘awake-ness’/conciousness – many tell a story. Amazingly, the same story. The similarities are outstanding!

There is something I have learned; DO NOT take a chance! What is MOST safe? Simply turning to WHATEVER Created you!

I have watched movies of times Christian’s were murdered – lions, crucifixion, hanging, being boiled in oil, killed by different means! Scary, yes! But, a comfort, we live in “Hope!” What do we ‘hope’ for? There is the knowledge through guidance that there is a destiny that we are here to learn about and practice The Word! It is akin to an instruction ‘booklet’ for ‘life’! Just as a new electronic device of high tech gadget comes with!

Yes! There are those who poo-poo it. Let them! It tickles me. We strive to understand with Science – the unknown! Does Science have limitations? YES!

Here we are, and as shared above, we all came from somewhere! I have shared about The Source of life. The Source has NO life! The Source is BEYOND life! The Source Created life!

A profound finding is that we all are physical. Is The Source ‘physical’? The Source is Essence ITSELF. For in The Essence manner we are made.

For a period of life and our rest after life, we are as we are! Chances and opportunity are given. Actually, many chances. Simply, be moved to consider this. As opposed to individuals who seem to ‘want’ you to accept ‘fact’. We have choice. Think and choose wisely.

When individuals were ‘murdered’ for sport and/or entertainment (presented/pressed as ‘punishment’); there was ‘hope’ and knowledge of things to be.


To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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