From zero to hero in faith. Live as you believe…

Must read through the end…you will be enlightened.

A young man who was working as a Gate keeper in a company received a call one morning from his employer. The boss said , please don’t come to work today. I have found your replacement. he cry out loud. Because he knew that his family depended on his salary. When he was crying he heard a voice saying, the bible says, for I know the plans I have for you, my plans for you is not of evil. That gave him strength. he kneeled down and he prayed, he didn’t lose hope. he prayed every day and every night. When God closes a door , he opens another one. One day when he was going around searching for a job, he met with a man , the man said “can you please come and help me at my office, my accountant didn’t come to work today, when I called her she told me she is not coming back she want to relocate.”

The boy said “But Sir, I’m just a gate keeper I know nothing about office operation.”

The man said “You are still very young, you can do it. I will teach you everything, I will take you to school.”
He was so shocked and surprise. This was a dream come true for this young man.

Moral of the Story:
GOD WILL lift you up from Zero to HERO ONLY if you believe in Him.
Just believe “I am a hero.”
If you believe in God, He will change the story of your life for good, Amen.

When God Speaks IT IS DONE, Amen. With The Word of His Essence God SPOKE our existence into being. EACH with a purpose. Yours?

For God has given each of us the spirit of HOPE, faith and knowledge! For in God’s image we are made.

A micro-pore of existence is life. This brings so many questions.
Biggest being “And….?”?

You were Created for a reason. In God’s image! I will ask a rather unimaginable question: “Does God end?”

We may delve into Science for a period.
There is an Essence that causes atoms to combine, reactions to occur. Will that EVER cease? We can imagine even after the seen is over, the unseen NEVER ends!

When molecules cease motion/activity/essence their ‘SOURCE’ still exists. Can we change that?

So what can/do we do? Understand that YOU are created for a purpose. The Essence of life is not life itself, but The Source of Life!

You have a choice/chance to be ONE with The Source!

And we speak with The Source:

Your Essence is not Man that It would ever say what is not. Glory to Your Essence, Amen.
Your Essence Created Man, to fulfill a “timeless” challenge, You presented to Earth FAR beneath the glory of Your Essence. You came as The Word, Amen.
ALL was seen and known through Your Word. We accept Your Word as being unchangeable by ANYTHING in existence.
I present MYSELF to You in entirety. Touch me and I WILL be made whole, fill me and I will spill over, speak to me and I shall hear, Amen.
My souls desire is to be in The Precense of my Creator where ‘time’ does not exist.
Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me, Amen.

I pray that, that lifted some cobwebs that have bound, hindered, prevented us from being as we are Created to be

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Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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