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On The Throne…

Does God have Legs and Arms? We speak about His Essence! His Essence pours forth before The LORD God almighty! Sitting? Complex! Is The Spirit of The LORD ever ‘Still’? Yes! God observes ALL, He Created all, Amen.

We describe God as sitting on The Throne at The Head of ALL things seen and unseen!

God is good. He sits on a Throne and is greater than everyone, every being in existence, and every theory someone has of Him. He is MIGHTY. He is above all, and yet humbles Himself to commune with Man. God is The greatest!!! Isaiah saw a vision about The holiness of God, and this verse is the first part of it. Isaiah 6:1

LORD, You are The greatest. You are pure. You are truth. You Created all truth. You are GREATER than the conception I have of You. I cannot comprehend Your GREATNESS. Yet, I know that You are amazing and awe worthy. I know You are better than everything else in my life combined together. I worship You. LORD, I put none above You. I praise You and come before You in The name of Jesus, Amen.


To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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