In this day of covid

In verse 10 of this chapter, “Israel His (God’s) people” is referenced; in verse 13, “My people” is used in reference to Israel; and in verse 14, “My people” does not change reference. It refers to Israel. Thus, God says here that if Israel His people will humble themselves and repent of their wicked ways, He will heal their land. God will deal the same with any other nation, healing their land if national repentance takes place. But today, the only hope for national repentance is if repentance begins in the Church of God, for the world knows not God.

And we pray:

O Lord, we need not twist this verse to refer to the Church instead of Israel in order to learn its princple and apply it in our day and situation. It is true today as it was then that You will hear and heal when ‘Man’ of any nation turn from their wicked ways. We pray for such a revival, for we badly need it. We know that such a revival will need to begin in the Church. We pray You will revive each one of us and begin a mighty work, for which You will get all the glory.

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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