For all has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.

Person A: Really?

Person B: Yup!

Person A: How about if I have lived a “Buddhist” lifestyle? Buddy, I am clean. No worries. I relate to God in my own way!

Person B: There….

Person A: What are you trying to say? Sorry to interrupt, but I am tired of hearing this crap!

Person B: Well! There is one tiny thing I’d like to share….

Person A: Don’t tell me you are going to start ‘preaching’ again…

Person B: This time, I’ll interrupt you. I don’t care what kind of lifestyle you have led. Let’s start here: you never old a lie..l.

Person A: I am not talking about the olden days! Now I’m different…

Person B: So have you asked this ‘force’, in your words “kinda, the maker of all things ” for forgiveness?…

Person A: You are frustrating! I have my ‘own’ way of communicating, there is an understanding we have…

Person B: Oh! An understanding with The creator?…

Person A: Yup!

Person B: Does this creator, tell you what to eat, how to dress???? About life?

Person A: Doesn’t have to, it’s not like that.

Person B: But, I am trying to understand!

Person A: Don’t worry about it! I have my way, you have yours. Respect mine and I will happily leave you to yours…

Person B: I have to say, you started!

Person A: Was just commenting on the ‘crap’ you read! So let me ask you this…If ‘all’ have ‘sinned’ aren’t the ‘writers’ of this so called ‘word of God’ liable to have lied? Just made up stuff? Trying to ‘compete’ with others? We can look through your so called ‘book’ and point out the inconsistencies. Really, I have looked them up myself. Not to go there, but “seven days”? Everything was created in seven days???

Person B: To point out, that was seven ‘periods’. How is it possible that man and dinosaur lived together? Essentially, there were periods. To point it out clearer, have you taken the time to read or research the original scripts? Have you? I will point something out, the people who translated might have made a few boo-boo’s! To use your words “they might not have been ‘Christian’, just academic experts in their fields…

Person A: I don’t think we could ever get to he end of this discussion! You do yours, and I’ll do mine…

Person B: Well, regardless I will keep you in prayer.

Person A: You do that! Whatever makes you happy!

Person B: Thanks for the discussion, perhaps one of these days you will come to realize….

Person A: Ok dude! I am done!

To comment on this discussion, what would you do? Many times you were ‘shut down’. Any takers? Essentially, let your life speak as an example! We have to commit everything to God! At least the ‘way’ he spoke didn’t judge, he didn’t insist on his own way being correct. Is there anyone who can point out what could have been said that wasn’t. This is a learning experience for me as well.

Let us go forth and ‘speak ‘ with our actions!

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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