And I state in prayer…

May you have good favor among all Man IJMN, Amen. For it is yours!

May your wants and desires be provided according to God’s endless RICHES in Glory that IS Spoken!

Imagine, A GLORY so AWESOME that if you see the face of God as a human, it is over. (As you know, this was said to Moses when God passed before him and he was placed in the cleft of a rock while God passed before him. And he being human saw God from the rear.)

We are brought to realize that it is endless riches in GLORY!!!

Imagine, all the goods on Earth the gold, silver, platinum, oil, diamonds, plutonium, Methamphetamine, Taaffeite stone, Painite, Tritium, Rhodium… etc

Hallelujah!!! The list is endless. The LORD God made them ALL!

Imagine, God’s Kingdom!!!

Mind you all these are ‘naturally’ occurring elements that were placed in and on this Earth to bless! How much more in God’s Presence? The Sun??? Bright? Hot? You cannot gaze at it! Danger! Hmm! The Essence that made all the stats in the sky? Can we ‘behold’ The Creator?

We are blessed! We might not have ‘money’ to pay for our wants/needs – our needs and wants are supplied!

But imagine “In my Father’s house there are many mansions there, in my Father’s House above💒”

Just as we have ‘sand’ on the beaches (plural) He who created this. What is HIS house like.
We have shared on a glimpse into the after-life that a surface appreciated was embedded with beautiful Gems, gold etc and it was felt that the ‘dream’ was just that. In HIS HOUSE the sand on a beach is made of naturally occurring material like diamonds. Being there, there is no need to hoard away. Does anyone hoard away sand? Rather after a trip to the beach it is shaken, dusted, washed off.
We are blessed to have a destination that we hold dear in our hearts. Few have been chanced to see. But we have a hope in Him Who created all we see and value! The scarcity here is overcome by The Glory there, so much so that even gazing upon God’s excellence will lay so many out in the Spirit.
‘Time’ does not exist. Memories do! LORD Hallelujah, I wish to continue Honoring You as I do, Amen
Be blessed IJMN, Amen

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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