In need/want…

And we pray:

Father LORD, El Shadai, Amen

From Your Essence springs Love,

We as Man were Created in Your Image, no Man has ever seen Your Essence,

The grandeur and Essence of Your Essence cannot be seen/appreciated by sinful Man, You Created ALL (the seen and unseen),

ALL is of Your Essence, Earth is a drop in the ocean of seen, Father, what we are in existence cannot be fathomed, yet in Your Image we are Created, Hallelujah!!!

We have organs which come a minute fragment of understanding or grasping all You have done.

We can see, do, hear, feel in ONE place, yet Your Essence ‘sees’ ALL, knows all, our story was written before we were born…

Yes, we are presented with options, Father, I ask that You will be glorified in and through all decisions I shall make. Guide me, lead me, move me LORD. I submit totally to Your will in my life – use me LORD, I pray in Jesus’ (my Savior) name I pray,

Father, in Your Word; there is Job, an example to all who read Your Word. Yes! Satan approached You and asked that Job be tested. Father, You removed Your hedge from around Job, disease, pain, sorrow, loss was experienced by Job. Yet Father, Your Essence Knew his heart. Gratitude and respect filled his spirit. He did not speak against You, but rather gave thanks in all things.

Father, I have been blessed to heavenly planes, Hallelujah. Yet, I am in a place of abject pain and loss, You placed in my heart that more could have been lost – ALL glory to Your Essesnce Creator; so true. You continually bless unfailingly,

My cup runneth over with the oil of Your blessings, Hallelujah! LORD, I ask that You raise me up again from the mire that surround me, in my life Your will be done, Amen.

Father, I claim Your Word, Amen.

Father, in The name of Jesus, I claim Your Word, Amen.

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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