As we celebrate ALL WAYS, Amen.

This weekend we celebrate Palm Sunday and we begin the most solemn week of the year – Holy Week. How will you walk with Jesus this week? Try not to let the last minute chores of Easter preparation get in the way of your Lenten journey. Think of the ways you can use each day to walk with Jesus along his way to the cross and to his resurrection. Our churches give us many opportunities during Holy Week to gather in prayer and remembrance. Beyond that, we need to decide what we can do in our daily lives.

Perhaps on Monday we can make an attempt to help someone, call someone, do something for a stranger. On Tuesday, perhaps we can take a minute and pray for those who have served as models of faith for us, both in our families as well as for those who have served in ministry. We might decide that we can fast each day of the week instead of just Friday. As Wednesday is traditionally called “spy Wednesday” we might think of someone we need to ask for forgiveness. Thursday is a great day to appreciate the Lord’s example of washing the feet of his disciples and thank those who have served us. Especially we should thank parents and others whose care for us we take for granted. Friday we can think of those times when we have complained about the problems and pains of everyday life and offer them up as a small sacrifice when we remember the torture suffered on our behalf by Jesus. Saturday, we wait secure in the knowledge that Jesus has paid the ultimate price for our sins and has gained for us eternal life. Let us all walk together with Jesus this week.

Palm Sunday! The people shouted in joy as Jesus entered the city and then shouted for his death before the week was over.

And we pray:

LORD, each day in our existence we give You glory and praise. Hossana in The highest is permanently in our hearts. Everything has been places beneath Your feet. Thank You for ALL You have done for me, Amen.

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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