Give thanks always! Was Daniel giving thanks in the lions den?

Daniel was thrown into the den of lions for doing right – praying to his Creator. Yet he was schemed on for doing The will of God. God shut the mouths of the lions. Thrown in he was giving thanks and the lions did not attack him.

Is there any other place in your life that you feel that you really “rejoice” other than at Church? Do you take time out of your day to explicitly pray to God, or is it constantly happening in the way you talk and act? Are you grateful for everything or are you sometimes bitter when things don’t go as you hoped? Think carefully about this passage, because if you implement the changes that these verses command, your entire life view will be positively altered. Think about it and you will discover that you already know it is true.

And we pray:

All the glory be to God! I wish to have no evil in my thoughts, precious Lord Jesus, and I hope and pray that every moment of my life is spent rejoicing in Your name. I know that I am not perfect; no, I am far from it. Forgive me for neglecting the virtues bestowed on me by You, and help me to pray constantly in the subconscious of my mind. If I do this, I know that every moment of everyday will be filled with thanksgiving, as I feel with this prayer. Amen.

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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