Faith! Amen.

It takes faith not to just believe for your dreams, it takes faith to believe that you are forgiven, that you are redeemed, that you are worthy. Don’t let the accuser deceive you into going through life with no passion, thinking you’ve blown it too many times. Your record has been cleared. Those files have been deleted. Come boldly to the throne.

The question here is what does it mean to “believe that you have received it?” Many have employed positive thinking techniques when praying, only to be disappointed. And yet, this is a promise. All the teaching of Jesus on prayer taken together points to a life of abiding in Christ and living for his name, and in his name so that we can be in line with the will of God, and he will move us to pray the prayers we will have faith for, or will “believe we have received it.”

Breaking Down the Key Parts of Mark 11:24

#1 “Therefore I tell you,”
After the disciples saw Jesus’ power to curse the fruitless fig tree and hearing Jesus make the astounding statement that they could command a mountain into the sea, he now says to them the following.

#2 “whatever you ask for in prayer,”
The whole of Jesus’ recorded teaching comes with many qualifiers to this statement. Including the one that follows. But it stands that the sum of the qualifiers adds up to this point: belief. So, whatever you ask for under those circumstances is a forgone conclusion.

#3 “believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”
Again, not positive thinking, belief is the faith that Jesus says comes from abiding in him and in his word. When God reveals that he is doing something, the disciple often will “just know.” God will still answer prayers when we aren’t sure. Even then, there must have been some kind of genuine belief in the asking.

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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