Eat together means praying together!

If you could host a dinner and anyone you invite was sure to come, who would you invite?

Amazing question! It dawned on me…

Does this start to answer the basics of this question?

Food? A 🙌 blessing from God, Amen.

In brief; when the nation of Israel was freed by God from slavery in Egypt; they were famished without a source of food in the desert, God sent them daily food…

The divine provision from God is amazing!

Isn’t meal time a chance to fellowship in the blessings of God?!

Where two or more are gathered together in The Name of Jesus, Jesus is there in their midst. I am moved that the Bible touches on meal time with a consistency that is blessed.

What does the Bible say about praying before a meal?

I used to think that ‘saying grace’, or praying before a meal, was a bit of a ritual – a token gesture, a nod to God, a mindless platitude that good Christian families would do because it was ‘the right thing’ and not because they actually meant it.

What does the Bible say about praying before eating?

Well, in a nutshell, the Bible doesn’t specifically say that we should pray before mealtimes.

In fact, Deuteronomy 8:10 encourages us to praise God after a meal:

“When you have eaten and are satisfied, bless (praise) the Lord your God for the good land He has given you.”

Jesus himself gives thanks during a meal on a couple of occasions: Matthew 14:19 says “He gave thanks and broke the loaves.”

And Matthew 26:26 says,

“While they were eating, Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it.”

So, what would Jesus do? He’d give thanks, so we should probably follow his lead.

But in all these instances we are thanking and blessing God for His provision in our lives, we are not bestowing a blessing upon the food itself (though depending on the food, I’m sure God won’t mind if you feel the need to cover it in prayer!).

Struggling to find time to pray? Just start with your food! You eat at least three times a day, right?

There are three opportunities to thank God, to acknowledge Him, to invite Him into your moment wherever you might be.

Three times a day that you’re drawing closer to Him.

Three times a day to remember what He’s done for you, and what He’s provided for you.

And three times a day to remember your privilege because others might not be eating like kings today.

This isn’t a ritual, tradition or token gesture, it doesn’t have to be grand or public or particularly long. But praying for your food seems to me to be a moment of spiritual re-centring and bringing our focus back to God.

Do we have to pray before a meal?


Should we pass up an opportunity to meet with God?

Obviously not!

Let’s shift our perspective. Let’s start to see ‘saying grace’ as an opportunity to involve God in the regular, mundane parts of our lives. Who knows what could happen in us and around us!

I went off-path for a tad! Who would I invite? At this point, I do not have to say it:

EVERYTHING is Seen and Known in the spiritual. Old habits die hard! IF and when we start every meal with prayer understanding that God SEES ALL as we shared “old habits die hard.” Food is a blessing from God. God provides ALL your needs according to His riches in inestimable glory in Christ Jesus. Thank God every chance you have. The guests to your meal will be blessed by your habits! So, God has blessed you. Bless others and share The Word, Amen.

The first miracle, the “Feeding of the 5,000”, is the only miracle—aside from the resurrection—recorded in all four gospels (Matthew 14:13–21; Mark 6:31–44; Luke 9:12–17; John 6:1–14

Shows the importance of food/meals. As God has blessed you, bless others. The list is lengthy….

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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