Love conquers ALL!

Is there a more salient fact? Love Created ALL, Amen. More INTENSE in its fullness, Amen. We have been asked to live love. And we pray: Almighty God and Heavenly Father, I Love you. I Love You for Your plan to send Your Messiah as a descendant of Abraham and David. I Love You forContinue reading “Love conquers ALL!”

We pray…



The unimaginable (unthinkable really)

What does it cost to be a child of God? Are we willing to take the steps we are ‘Directed’? It was NO small ‘deal’ to be named the father of ‘faith’. In Abram, The Father [or God] Is Exalted, Abram who is later named Abraham (“The father of many Nations”), a native of Ur in Mesopotamia, isContinue reading “The unimaginable (unthinkable really)”

Stress not…

God my Lord in Heaven, I come to praise Your only begotten Son, and the message He brought of Your salvation and mercy. Reach out to me within the darkest of storms, to calm the seas and bring me safely ashore. Grant me the knowledge that if I am safe and sound, it is byContinue reading “Stress not…”

And we pray for deliverance…

Blessed is he that considereth the poor: The LORD will deliver him in time of trouble, Amen. The LORD will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the Earth: and God wilt not deliver him into the hands of his enemies. The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed ofContinue reading “And we pray for deliverance…”

And we pray…

And we recieve FREEDOM, IJN Amen

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