The Word…

It is good to hear The Word of The LORD. It is also good to read your Bible on your own, but that cannot replace hearing God’s Word. That is one of the many reasons that it is important to go to fellowship with believers and hear The Word preached. This scripture has so muchContinue reading “The Word…”

Jus’ sayin’


Beloved I pray with you, may The Holy Spirit always teach us, may we always be guided by The Spirit and be directed by The Essence of the Father in your thoughts, your actions and utterances every day in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

As we prepare for bed…


Tell me about my Lord?

We must do, not only say. We will be judged according to our actions.

Actions speak louder than words. This is the gist of this passage. Christians are not supposed to love with our “tongue” or our “words” but with our “deeds.” We can say we love someone all day long, but in the end, our love for that person is determined by our actions towards them. Love isContinue reading “We must do, not only say. We will be judged according to our actions.”

“Take and eat…”

For God’s glory.

Lord my Savior, aid me in safeguarding Your Word, as I do Your bidding in bringing others closer to You. Cleanse my soul so I may better do Your bidding. Let me not stray far from Your path, and help me to preserve Your message of truth and peace, in sharing it with all ofContinue reading “For God’s glory.”

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