Fear not. It IS promised by The Creator of ALL Awesomeness!

So, do YOU appreciate TODAY?

We can break this down so very many ways! You are here (fact!) So? IF this were your last day. Then? What would you do different? Where would you go? Why haven’t you done them thus far? What are you waiting for? Where did your body come from? Yes, yes evolution says…. But, what doContinue reading “So, do YOU appreciate TODAY?”


Do ALL in The name of Jesus. Live each and every day in faith.

https://www.lifeaudio.com/your-daily-prayer/ By The AWESOME grace of God, the earthquakes of life besail you! You rise above in and with The Essence of The Creator – Jehovah in The name that was before time! Before Time Began, Jesus Was – Amen. https://www.desiringgod.org/messages/in-the-beginning-was-the-word/excerpts/before-time-began-jesus-was


As you shall see today, doors of opportunities shall be opened to you, every evil spirit working against you shall be condemned for all is under the feet of Jesus. The Glory of God in your life will not fade away, The Lord will make your enemies your footstool, you are redeemed in Jesus name,Continue reading “Amen.”

God’s Word is full of wisdom and encouragement that guide Christians through life. Memorizing Scripture can serve as a powerful weapon against temptation, despair, and worldliness. However, learning verses in isolation, without context, can lead to misunderstanding and misapplying the virtues and lessons that God wants His people to possess and learn. One important verse thatContinue reading

Blessings – pour forth in Jesus’ name, Amen.

As we worship God today (don’t just “try it”! Do it!) Stand in praise and watch everything that concerning you will experience The AWESOME glory of God. Amazing we being mortal cannot visualize The GRACE of God. We see partially through frosted glass. Can we truly stand before The Essence of perfection. (More a statementContinue reading “Blessings – pour forth in Jesus’ name, Amen.”




Father LORD, Your Essence Created ALL, Amen. The seen from the unseen. You are beyond comprehension, all power filled and beauty; perfection beyond description. About You is a serenity; when You laugh, thunder rolls. When Your Essence smiles upon me, I glow. Amen. Your will be done in my life I pray in Jesus’ name,Continue reading “Amen”

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