A Reason

We shared recently a post that said The Bible DOES NOT say “Figure it out”, “Lose hair over it”, “ be stricken with fear, anguish, lament… (this is an unending list!)” It simply in so VERY many places says “Trust God”
The brevity of life is not even as a ‘moment ‘ in The Eyes of The Lord one ‘day’ in His Eye is like a thousand YEARS to us!”

Amazingly, no Man has ever lived that long! Yes, yes IF you wish to debate it Methuselah (Guinness records – record holder.) Lived not even a ‘day’ in The Lord. A Guinness record holder?

The “Rule book”, is His-story (History! Get it?)
A pointer?

What has been will be again,
                                        what has been done       will be done again;
                                           there is nothing new under the sun.

A challenge? Find in the His-story (our story actually) text that is!

A new Season with Reason, Amen


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